Toyota Hilux Supply

Awarded Contract (M610009606) on 1/26/2018 10 Toyota Hilux Supply to Afghan Ministry of Justice Under U.S Department of States INL Contract worth $ 285,000.00 USD

Sewage Truck Supply & Maintenance

Awarded Contract (M610003686) on 10/25/2017 4 Sewage Truck Sales and 2 Years Maintenance to Kabul & Herat CSSP Program. Contract worth $ 173,400.00 USD

Armored Vehicle Rental

Awarded Contract (ACA/2018/399-228) on 27/2/2019 Armored Vehicle rental to Pinto Luvent Kabul & Mazar Sharif. Contract worth $ 40,000.00 USD

Dunnage Bag BPA Supply

Awarded Contract PVA-YA-2019-001 on 1/22/2019 Dunnage Bag BPA to ANHAM Compound Bagram. Contract worth $ 30,000.00 USD

RD7100 DL(G) & PL(G) Supply

Awarded Contract (M610024199) on 9/23/2019 RD7100 DL(G) Water Industry & RD7100 PL(G) Power Industry to Afghan Central Jail (GDPDC Kabul). Contract worth $ 22,500.00 USD

Cell Phone Detector Supply

Awarded Contract (M610024702) on 10/15/2019 Cell Phone Detector To Balkh. Contract worth $ 8,000.00 USD

Printer Parts and Repair

Awarded Contract (M610013388) on 6/28/2018 Printer Parts and Repair To CSSP PMO & GDPDS Office. Contract worth $ 13,420.00 USD

Weapon Clearing Barrell

Awarded Contract (M610001664) on 3/20/2017 Jefferson Complex Kabul. Contract worth $ 8,100.00 USD

Gorilla Boxes Supply

Awarded Contract (M610005520) on 8/15/2017 Gorilla Boxes With Wheel To Jefferson Complex Kabul worth $ 5,280.00 USD

Pelican Medical Cases Supply

Awarded Contract (M610011205) on 4/4/2018 Pelican Medical Cases To Jefferson Complex Kabul worth $ 12,000.00 USD

Searching Lights Supply

Awarded Contract (M610008769) on 12/19/2017 Searching Lights To Kabul CSSP Program. worth $ 80,000.00 USD

Metal Detector Scanner Supply

Awarded Contract (M610001558) on 3/16/2017 Metal Detector Scanner Metor 6M Door To U.S Embassy Kabul. worth $ 8,200.00 USD

Fireproof Cabinet

Awarded Contract (M610020020) on 3/10/2019 Fireproof Cabinet To Afghan Central Jail (GDPDC Kabul). worth $ 10,200.00 USD

Fujitsu HR Scanner Supply

Awarded Contract (M610019119) on 1/31/2019 Fujitsu HR Scanner To Afghan Central Jail (GDPDC Kabul). worth $ 16,000.00 USD

Electrical Material

Awarded Contract (M610011641) on 4/25/2018 Electrical Material To Keller Compound Kabul. worth $ 60,000.00 USD