Our Services

Warehousing and Distribution

YAMA AHMADI TRADING offers a full range of Warehousing and Distribution solutions catering to clients’ various needs. Our strategically located facilities are temperature controlled, dry and container-based storage

YAMA AHMADI TRADING and partner facilities are located and sized in:

  • Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Kandahar, Afghanistan
  • Bagram, Afghanistan


Yama Ahmadi Trading team members have been supporting DOD efforts since 2009 at facilities in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE and Qatar. Our support ranges from full satellite communication systems to office consumables, base fortifications to heavy construction equipment and industrial tools.

Custom Unit Outfitting

Yama Ahmadi Trading’s cornerstone is creating mission-focused gear that fits the clime and place where our customers work.Yama Ahmadi Trading identifies opportunities for local sources and custom designs that efficiently help to achieve broader goals. Yama Ahmadi Trading has over one million uniform and gear items in service now supporting foreign defense missions



Yama Ahmadi Trading systems support border defense implementation in some of the toughest regions of the world. Our local operators are skilled at delivering cost effective local support solutions ranging from border structures to full equipment outfitting. Yama Ahmadi Trading  teams have supported over 500,000 kilometers of border enhancements


Creatively identifying, sourcing and delivering mission support equipment, supplies, and services in austere locations is the hallmark of Yama Ahmadi Trading. We are the front lines, outside the gate responsive provider known for delivering regionally available goods and services in support of customer requirements.



Project Oversight, Compliance, and Quality Review

Yama Ahmadi Trading retains technically qualified and locally proficient teams to review, inspect and manage diverse projects in austere locations. This flexibility enables our customers to execute project goals on schedule while limiting costly downrange deployment costs and complications. Yama Ahmadi Trading quality teams take pride in their ability to jump in and steer projects back on track.