Supply Chain Solutions



We design, plan, execute, control, and monitor supply chain activities with the objective of creating added value for our customers.



YAMA AHMADI TRADING ’s procurement operation has been engineered to meet the stringent requirements of US Government contracting and is fully compliant with all US Government regulations, including Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR). The system has been approved as a compliant system after successfully passing a Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) conducted by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).


A cornerstone of YAMA AHMADI TRADING ’s procurement operation is its proprietary management system – Integrated Global Expenditures Tracking (iGET). iGET is a


fully automated, multi-lingual web-based purchasing and supply chain management system consisting of the following modules:



  • Purchasing Management
  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Production Management
  • Warehouse Management



Clients and other outside users can interact directly with the system to accomplish a wide range of tasks – such as initiating requisitions, processing approvals or confirming receipts – that help optimize the procurement process. Vendors are required to submit quotes directly into IGET in order to streamline the procurement process, while freight forwarders can update shipping data directly through an online interface, ensuring that all reports are populated with real-time data. IGET has robust reporting functionality that includes customizable dashboards and automated emails which give the client immediate access to critical KPIs, allowing them to better manage their overall operation.


In addition, all of YAMA AHMADI TRADING ’s clients gain access to its extensive vendor database and products catalogs. As of August, 2018 the vendor catalog included over 3,500 vendors in over 40 countries. These vendors supply items from over 750 product categories (vehicles, vehicle parts, IT equipment, food, warehouse consumables, construction materials, etc.). Currently, the total number of catalog items is over 260,000 and growing every day.


While YAMA AHMADI TRADING is uniquely qualified to provide procurement services to US Government contractors, it has also tailored its services to support large scale commercial operations, primarily in the transportation and construction industries. Another hallmark of YAMA AHMADI TRADING ’s service is our ability to adapt and adjust to our clients’ requirements. We work with clients to utilize YAMA AHMADI TRADING ’s procurement best practices, employ their own policies and procedures or use a hybrid of both. In addition, each client can customize its own unique procurement process, or path, in IGET through an intuitive online interface.


YAMA AHMADI TRADING has successfully provided procurement and supply chain management services to over 20 clients including the US Government, AGS/AECOM, ITT, PAE and the Afghanistan MOD. On the commercial side, we have supported numerous large scale transportation and construction operations throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. To date, YAMA AHMADI TRADING has processed over 200,000 purchase orders with a total value of almost $3 millions USD.