Our warehouse operations perform at world class standards even in the most remote and arduous of locations.

Yama Ahmadi Trading’s experience in warehousing systems and design means our clients benefit from operational service excellence.

Yama Ahmadi Trading manages warehouses around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many are temperature controlled and hold products that require delicate handling and receive value-added services. Yama Ahmadi Trading meet both international standards and best industry practices and are ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 compliant.

Our customers have business-specific requirements, and our teams make the most of their specialist warehousing knowledge to:

  • Locate and build dedicated sites
  • Extract the most from existing infrastructure
  • Design and optimize network operations
  • Manage stock holding and value-added services
  • Implement systems for managing orders
  • Provide detailed stock visibility
  • Enable end-to-end product traceability

Each of our sites has:

  • 24×7 Operations
  • CCTV Security
  • Secure Perimeters
  • Onsite Security
  • Specialized Material Handling Equipment

Yama Ahmadi Trading has world class technology installed at each facility and its business systems are uniquely aligned with customer requirements for full reporting and visibility. Yama Ahmadi Trading utilizes Exceed WMS, SAP transportation and DSS customer service platforms to support each operation.

Every location has highly trained and long tenured employees that provide the following value-added requirements for each client:

  • Cross Docking
  • Pick and Packing
  • Product Storage
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Labeling
  • Inventory Management