Managing Director

Yama Ahmadi completed Master degrees with Indian School of Business Management in India, and is also a Security Advisor having served the Afghanistan Parliament. In 2016, Yama Ahmadi launched the team’s first project to build Composition Products in Afghanistan and has since been leading projects supporting CENTCOM activities throughout Central Asia and the expansion of Yama Ahmadi Trading activities abroad


Yama Ahmadi Trading on 1st, January 2015 made a new start, through the integration of YAMA AHMADI TRADING LTD In London, United Kingdom.  These two companies had been engaged in the logistics, warehousing and Procurement supplies and maintenance services for over 10 years, Respectively. Over the decades, the business environment surrounding the Supplying of logistics For All US Military & Other Government Agencies the approach of optimizing the entire flow of goods, from production to Consumption. Now, the international flow of goods is becoming an even bigger business. In response to such change in the times, at Yama Ahmadi Trading, we will continue making steady progress, to ensure that we are company chosen by our customers and by their customers as well. The basis of our progress will be the “post-Integration business policy” initiated by our executives, which comprises three main stays daily improvement, Deployment of assets, and global-logistics a new initiative. At Yama Ahmadi Trading, we appreciate your ongoing support.

Yama Ahmadi

Managing Director


Yama Ahmadi provides timely, reliable and cost-effective Transportation and Logistics Solutions to customers across the globe. We utilize our vast global networks, powerful affiliate relationships and local infrastructure to move freight around the world on-time and on budget. Yama Ahmadi  strategic approach and expertise in logistics, supply chain management, freight management and shipping services via land, sea, air and rail help us to fulfill orders and deliver shipments to remote locations and the most unstable regions in the world – both safely and securely. Thus, Yama Ahmadi has achieved a reputation in the industry for superior performance during social and political crises, complex situations and taxing conditions. Our ability to leverage our international relationships, partner with local companies and provide professional management for each project is unmatched in the industry.


Yama Ahmadi Trading  is a proven provider of goods and services in austere places around the world. With a presence in the most unforgiving locations,  Yama Ahmadi  leads in expeditionary procurement with a diverse global supplier network, accurate sourcing, and superior customer service. From Afghanistan  to the Kyrgyzstan Republic, Middle east to Libya, Yama Ahmadi is the force multiplier you need to support your operation.


The Yama Ahmadi team has successfully supported military operations Procurement and logistics since 2009. Our projects have supported equipment needs of the US Military in Central Asia, outfitting the Afghan National Security Forces and creation of a diverse supply network throughout Southeast Asia,Europe and North America.


To always be the first-mover and never stop exploring, innovating and creating opportunities and solutions for our customers and stakeholders.


  • Create sustainable solutions and develop important ideas.
  •  To be clear, honest and fair in all business
  •  Employees are family
  •  Respect for local laws, regulations and customs
  •  Deliver amazing customer service and support


Provide industry leadership in establishing standards of care. Work with trade associations, lawmakers and regulators in the shaping of local, state and    Central  environmental laws and policies.


To act as environmentally responsible manner and comply  with all laws, rules, regulations and other legal requirements pertaining to environmental safety. Commit our employees to take responsibility for the compliance of operations under their control.